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El Tule is for those who love to dance, feel good

and enjoy the positive expression of music. 

New Single Release "Mil Mascaras" out now!


Austin’s quintessential Latin jam band, El Tule, released its latest single “Mil Mascaras” on Cinco De Mayo, 2020. The creative inspiration for “Mil Mascaras” comes from growing up in 1970’s Monterrey, Mexico. Hot summer Saturdays were spent sitting in the middle seat, next to dad, in his blue Impala headed to see movies like “Santo Contra las Momias” at the Rio 70 theater downtown. On special occasions, Sunday evenings were spent cruising to the Coliseo to experience Lucha Libre.

For their 9th release and to the surprise of some fans, the group takes a danceable detour into Funk and Afro Beat. The rhythms and lyrics pay soulful homage to 1970’s pop culture from both sides of the border with enough appeal for millennials and Gen Xers alike. But, those of us with enough salt in our pepper will be reminded of how it felt to look out the windshield of Starsky and Hutch’s ’75 Gran Torino looking for Huggy Bear on the streets of LA , or how the Tias  all looked with their Farah Fawcett feathered hair. Maybe we’ll remember what it was like for our 11-year-old selves to roam the streets on our bikes, just being kids, or arguing with our cousins over who’s turn it was to try to break Stretch Armstrong. 

“Mil Mascaras” is a well-blended mix of nostalgia and modern appeal. It won’t be out in 8 track anytime soon, but look for it on all digital platforms. 

About Us


Times are kinda weierd for everyone nowadays. Music can give us a break from it all.

For the last fifteen years El Tule (el TOO-lay) has been honing its unique sound combining influences of Cumbia, Merengue, Salsa, Reggae and Afro-Latin in Austin TX. Their original music is about history, art and culture often focusing on legends and tales of the mystical. Fan favorites include "Tres Viudas", the true story of three dancing widows in beautiful San Antonio, “La Michoacana”, the popular local Mexican bakery and "Mi Niño", reminescent of a colorful childhood life on the border where two worlds meet. The sound that El Tule brings to each performance naturally transcends all cultural and social backgrounds. Their high energy live show has brought them to festivals, venues and weddings across the country including SXSW, Tropical Heatwave, Viva Big Bend!, First Night Austin, Old Settlers Music Festival, Pachanga Fest, Pecan Street Festival, Austin Reggae Festival, Xemumba World Music Fest, Texas Salsa Fiesta, Festival De Cumbia En La Capital and at Austin City Limits Music Festival 2015 in front of an estimated 70K people.


Mil Mascaras - 2020

Mil Mascaras - 2020

Mil Mascaras - 2020


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Mil Mascaras - 2020

Mil Mascaras - 2020


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Mil Mascaras - 2020

Tranquilo - 2020


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Tranquilo - 2020


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Bailando - 2018

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Hecho In Austin, V. III - 2013


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Hecho In Austin, V. III - 2013


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Bailando El Tule

Mira Como Baila

Press and Testimonials



El Tule is pure sunshine; a product of latin dance rhythms and positive expression. The band blends all of the zeal and enthusiasm of cumbia, salsa, merengue, reggae, and psychedelic rock. The importance of dance and movement radiates throughout the group’s music both lyrically and rhythmically. As soon as the music hits the ears, the body is sure to follow suit. 

El Tule will have you strutting down the street, grooving at your best friend’s wedding, and dancing while you do the dishes. 

We’re big fans of El Tule here at KUTX. 

- Roxanne Zech

KUTX 98.9



“The decision to book El Tule for my wedding reception was one of the greatest choices my husband and I made. The band was energetic, fun, friendly, and engaged with the crowd. 

Their music was just the Latin spice and heat we were searching for in which to make our reception a hit! Our guests couldn’t stop talking about them and our dance floor was packed. 

El Tule delivered an amazing performance!”

-Andrea Piñon



“El Tule has always kept a steady pace shaping their music and cultivating their fan base since their 2005 debut. They’ve gotten crowds on their feet at a number of festivals and several tours across the country, proving over and over that el sonido is not simply the sound of one culture – it transcends all barriers.


- Laurie Gallardo, KUTX

 Austin Music Minute



“We fell in love with El Tule at first listen. They play everyman’s Latin music, the kind of stuff that gets everyone on the dance floor regardless of whether you know what you’re doing or not. The band made our wedding night memorable and left everyone raving and asking, “Where’d you find that band?!” 

As if the music isn’t enough, they’re also a great group of people to spend the evening with. We can’t wait to say we knew them when.” 

- Jessa & Blake



“El Tule packed out the tent as if Thievery Corporation put on a dance contest.” 

– Raoul Hernandez, Austin Chronicle


“Talk about the perfect festival act.”  

- KUTX at Austin City Limits

“The horns and percussion made my heart move and my feet shuffle.” 

- Marco Torres, Houston Press

“The scene was like a massive salsa class with strangers dancing with each other.”

– Sarah Thermond, Austin Monthly



"It took two years of recording, working, reworking, focus, patience and a desire for just the right style to complete Cuatro, but it’s finally here, and ready to share more dance grooves blending Latin funk, salsa, cumbia, and psychedelic chicha. 

You’ve got to move, baby. Recommended." 

- Laurie Gallando, Austin Music Minute

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